Working quietly for decades on a singular pursuit, Jensen’s body of work is a study in power and refinement. Known for arresting images of faces, often drawn in one or two wildly confident marks, Jensen himself has said little about his work publicly. Born on the Atlantic coast of Canada, Jensen studied at NSCAD University in Nova Scotia. His early work in monotypes (a printmaking process) reveal an appreciation for the quick, spontaneous mark, the letting go of perfection. Jensen finds the image as it is revealed moment by moment in the process.

Artist statement

These pieces reveal a character discovered line by line. They are faces in the crowd emerging, emulsifying, multiplying, and somehow revealing my own. At times this creation is a violent, destructive process. Features are destroyed, mistakes are made. Despite the darkness of that energy, they reveal a fragile face that lives. They are lit by veins of colour, pulses of erratic motion that expose those ephemeral emotions crossing a stranger’s face, exposing the deep corners of a mind. Each one a tenuous soul.